Introducing “FIR presents AllthingsIC with Rachel Miller”


The FIR Podcast Network is pleased to announce a new podcast on internal communication that will begin on November 26, 2013. Presenter Rachel Miller explains… Who is doing what in the world of internal communication? You’re in the right place to find out. I’m pleased to be joining the For Immediate Release fold with a […]

From the fingertips of bloggers over 50


The email said, “We have a paying subscriber base of around 550,000 and 1.2 million readers so do expect an increase in visitors – make sure you put your wittiest, wisest comments up around then!” These were the words of Katy Bravery, editor of Saga magazine, in an email to let me know that this […]

The Sun’s ‘walled content garden’ brings together print and digital


Today, The Sun newspaper becomes the latest national mainstream medium in the UK to erect a barrier to its content on the web where access to that content is only available now if you pay £2 per week. Switchover to The Sun’s new paywall-fronted site began yesterday evening, and the new site went live overnight. […]

Guardian to launch new platform to streamline access to web content

guardianhistory.jpg will provide one destination for UK, mobile, US and Australian sites as monthly digital browsers hits 80m

Content is king but so is the delivery platform


One of the benefits of being a member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is the bi-monthly magazine, CW. Every other month, the printed publication originally known as Communication World would come through your letterbox filled with useful and highly-readable content that offered knowledge, insight, interviews, case studies, how-to features and a host […]

Unfiltered social reporting from Boston


Hot on the heels of the Boston marathon bombings last weekend comes another frightening event in the United States, this time a fatal shooting at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus in neighbouring Cambridge late on Thursday night US time. As I write this, it’s still very much a breaking news story with sketchy […]

BBC global survey shows evolving news consumption habits across multiple screens


It’s doubtful that many people would disagree with the belief that our behaviours in how, where and when we consume content – the evolved way of saying what we used to describe as reading the papers, listening to the radio or watching TV – have shifted dramatically and permanently with the broad and deep penetration […]

Papal perspectives from a citizen-reporter priest


The eyes of many throughout the world are focused on the Vatican in Rome at the moment, as one hundred and fifteen members of the College of Cardinals deliberate in a papal conclave behind closed and locked doors to choose a new Pope. It’s a simple matter to follow mainstream media reporting of the events […]

An experiment in brand story-telling


Since starting this blog in 2006, I’ve been the sole writer and publisher of content,  making only a couple of exceptions over the past few years with content written by named guest writers. I strongly believe in transparency where disclosure of interest is the default. If I’m in any doubt about whether to disclose something […]