Giving you a choice about cookies


A year ago a law – known as Directive 2009/136/EC – came into effect throughout the European Union on the use of cookies on websites, requiring a website owner to seek visitors’ consent to cookies being saved to their computers when they visit a website (more on cookies). Implementing the law in the UK was […]

Liking WebHostingBuzz, and deals


Just over a month ago, I started a relationship with a new web hosting service, WebHostingBuzz. The words you’re reading now are served up to your screen from a database in the cloud (well, from a dedicated Dell server physically located in a data center somewhere in the US). As I noted in my first […]

WHB: A new host for a new year


In November 2011 I made a decision that, in early 2012, I’d move this blog and some other web properties to a new hosting service. From today, that service is WebHostingBuzz and I’d like to introduce you to them. Founded a decade ago, WebHostingBuzz (WHB for short) offers a wide range of hosting services – […]

No frills for a while


If you’re a previous visitor to this site, you’ll probably notice that it looks very different today compared to your last visit. What you see is the look and feel of the default WordPress theme known as Twenty Eleven that’s included with the latest version of the content management system, instead of the customized Thesis […]

Get prepared with an IPv6 internet address


As you may have heard, the Internet is running out of space. Specifically, the addressing system known as the Internet Protocol or IP address that uniquely identifies every single device connected to the global network is close to maximum capacity in its IPv4 guise. Blame Vint Cerf, the man who invented IPv4 about 40 years […]

How to automate your copyright year


The other day, I noticed that the copyright notice I display in the footer of this blog still said ’2010.’ So I dived into the code in the footer template in the WordPress theme I use and made the change so that the copyright year now correctly states ’2011.’ Then I tweeted it as I’ve […]

Feeling good

Another year – and a decade – draws to a close. I don’t know about you but my thoughts tend to look forward to what may be coming in the New Year rather than only looking back on what has been. In spite of an uncertain economic outlook in 2011, I’m feeling good about the […]

Merry Christmas


The Christmas message in this someecards’ ecard seems pretty apt, a timely one given all the weather and shopping disasters of this month so far. Still, it’s Christmas Eve and, presents, Plan B presents or no presents (or even ‘IOU presents‘), it’s time to shut up shop for a few days at least and focus […]

Cision updates top 10 UK PR blogs list


Cision UK has published an updated list of what the business intelligence and communication firm ranks as the top ten PR blogs in the UK: Drew B’s take on Tech PR Wadd’s PR and Media blog A PR Guy’s Musings – Stuart Bruce PR Studies PR Media Blog The Red Rocket Mediations SimonWakeman […]