The case for DRM

A disturbing but far from surprising trend reported by Reuters: Children in Europe are aware of the risks of illegal downloading, but often rationalize their act by saying that everyone — including their parents — is doing it, according to a major European Commission survey. Other excuses included: the download is for personal and private […]

Live Earth can make a difference

I watched quite a bit of the Live Earth concert at Wembley Stadium yesterday. What a great line-up of singers and music for a spectacular event! Not only in London but also in eight other cities around the world. For me, the absolute highlight of the London gig was Madonna, the closing act of the […]

How to receive podcasts on your iPhone

No sooner has the iPhone hit the streets across the United States than a smart podcaster has developed a way to iPhone-ify your blog or website so that, if you’re a podcaster, iPhone users can get your podcast on their iPhone. Chris Penn of the Financial Aid Podcast is the man! Chris has developed the […]

Random Sunday

So I’m still persevering with my zen experiment, even though I know that I’m definitely not an early-morning person. That’s one reason why the idea of the B-Society appeals to me. Still, today has been quite productive so far as I take care of many things I’ve not paid much attention to in recent weeks. Updated […]

Dancing the virtual night away

What a blast! A great party last night at the Coca-Cola Virtual Thirst pavilion in Second Life. Organized by my crayon colleague CC Chapman (aka Cleon Goff), the event featured MoShang Zhao live from Taiwan playing his unique Chinese Chill music, streamed into the venue. That got everyone dancing almost non-stop, me (aka Jangles Junot) […]

EMI and Apple drive a wedge into DRM

I was listening to the live webcast from EMI and Apple at lunchtime today announcing the availability of EMI’s music catalogue without digital rights management (DRM) restrictions. The first outlet where you will be able to buy such DRM-free music will be Apple’s iTunes store. What this represents is an evolution of the current business […]

Opportunity for podcasters

Internet radio broadcasters face the alarming prospect of paying much higher royalties to song performers, says the Wall Street Journal, a burden that could silence some online stations. This looks a possibility if you’re an internet station in the US as it relates to a decision by the Copyright Royalty Board (what the Journal calls […]

Guest host on today’s TPN Rock

When Ewan Spence asked me if I’d like to guest host an episode of TPN Rock, the rock show on Cameron Reilly’s Podcast Network, I jumped at the chance. I managed to record and produce that episode last week and so today Ewan has posted the show with me as resident DJ! It runs at […]

The stamina of Willie Nelson

I’m not a big fan of country music although I do like some songs by some country singers. Iconic songs like Crazy as sung by Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson (who wrote it). Stand By Your Man by Tammy Wynette. Ode to Billie Joe by Bobbie Gentry. Stretching the genre a bit, but also the […]