Add your voice to the illegal file-sharing debate

News today that the government is pledging to combat internet piracy in the UK with a series of new measures, including £50,000 fines for those found guilty of illegal file-sharing. The Guardian says that the move is being pushed through by Lord Mandelson, the business secretary, in a bid to deter the estimated seven million […]

Gearing up for a Michael Jackson bonanza

At various times during the weekend when I was out and about, I was checking the latest news on my iPhone, usually with the excellent Sky News app. It did amaze me at one point on Saturday to note that every major news story I saw was something about Michael Jackson. That’s almost all there’s […]

Spiralfrog’s final demise

Some news stories provide a perfect opportunity for a bit of imagination in writing a snappy headline, often with a pun or metaphor. News a few days ago that ad-supported music sharing site Spiralfrog has bitten the dust was one such opportunity as this view of news blog headlines in Techmeme illustrates. The word most […]

A little Latin flavour

A part of the world that’s not constantly front-of-mind for many people in the UK is Latin America. One country that’s an integral part of that region is Costa Rica, nowadays a popular holiday destination and a place I call a second home having lived there for much of the 1980s. It’s also my wife’s […]

You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter

It’s nice to start a Monday morning with a bit of a laugh, and what better way to have a laugh today than with this song. If you’re a Twitter user, the lyrics will make you smile. Wry humour by songwriter Ben Walker that shows some insight into this social micro-blogging networking online world that […]