Gangnam Style heads towards a billion views

Gangnam Style

840,131,442 views since July. Wonder how soon Gangnam Style will hit a billion views. AdAge reckons Dec 11. Watch the video at YouTube: Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog. Created By Daniel Treadwell. If you’ve not really heard of Gangnam Style other than that it’s a music video, here’s a bit […]

Stream (and buy) music while you do the grocery shopping


If you do your grocery shopping in Tesco, you may already know that you can stay connected in the depths of the typical supermarket where no network signal usually reaches, thanks to Tesco’s own wifi network in most stores. Now, you’ll be able to enjoy your weekly shopping by listening to streaming music to your […]

Voices from the Ealing tweetup


Just under a year ago, I went to my first Ealing Tweetup in Ealing, west London. Organized by Mark Hillary, it was unlike any other tweetup I’d been to before in a number of ways especially the local-community, non-geeky feel to it. It was terrific and I’ve been hoping to be able to go to […]

Rock your holiday weekend


It’s late summer bank holiday weekend in the UK, noted in the cultural calendar as not only the conclusion of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe but also for two big music festivals – Reading and Leeds – where thousands of music fans congregate over three days to enjoy some terrific live sounds. If you can’t get […]

Campaign launched to help labels affected by Sony warehouse fire


LabelLove raising money for indie labels who lost stock in London riots blaze that destroyed Pias distribution centre

Feeling good

Another year – and a decade – draws to a close. I don’t know about you but my thoughts tend to look forward to what may be coming in the New Year rather than only looking back on what has been. In spite of an uncertain economic outlook in 2011, I’m feeling good about the […]

The success of the Ealing Tweetup


If you’ve been to a tweetup, you know the kind of thing it typically is: an informal get-together of like-minded people, usually in a pub or other social venue, who sign up on Twtvite to say ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’ they’d be there. It’s advertised and promoted by the organizer and anyone who tweets or retweets […]

Just two strikes and Ping’s out for me


Like many other people, I’ve joined Ping, Apple’s new social network integrated into the latest iTunes 10 release that the company launched last week. Reaction by critics and pundits hasn’t been particularly positive even though Apple says over a million people joined Ping within the first couple of days following its release. I’ve already seen […]

Stamps for collecting not for posting

The Royal Mail has a terrific series of stamp designs it plans to release on January 7 that features the covers of some iconic British rock music albums over the last 40 years. The Classic Album Covers collection features album covers from these bands: from left to right, top row – Pink Floyd: The Division […]