Ideas for Instagram web profiles


Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app for mobile devices, has finally come to the web. While the app continues to be one you use only on a mobile device – currently iOS or Android devices – to take photos, manipulate them with filters and share them online, at least you’ll now be able to see all […]

Why share if you reserve all rights?


Channel 4 News posted a collection of dramatic photos to its Google+ page of the devastation wrought by Superstorm Sandy in New York City and elsewhere on the US east coast. My second thought was why post these pics with the restrictive copyright wording of “all rights reserved“? I noted in my post on Google+ […]

Does the BBC really have the courage to come clean?


Unless you sit atop a remote mountain or cast yourself away on a desert island, and as long as you have no means of digital connectivity with you, it’s impossible to avoid seeing and hearing about Jimmy Savile. The continuing reporting on the revelations about the late alleged child abuser is relentless. Each day, more […]

The evolution of the ‘frictionless content experience’ gathers pace


The news on October 22 that ReadWriteWeb – one of the most credible tech news and information resources on the social web – has relaunched as ReadWrite is noteworthy in marking a milestone in how professional ‘mainstream’ blogs offer their content. The relaunch follows the departure of RWW founder Richard McManus in mid October. As […]

Paper breadcrumbs


The Telegraph reports that The Guardian is "seriously discussing" the closure of its print operation and focusing wholly on digital. In other words, no more print, only digital content. Says The Telegraph: [...] the company has been forced to steadily shrink the Guardian newspaper, getting rid of some of its flagship supplements. GNM [Guardian News […]

Quartz digital delivery starts Sept 24


An interesting experiment in the future of mainstream news media and its publishing platform goes public on Monday September 24 with the official launch of Quartz, a new digital business magazine from US publisher Atlantic Media. Quartz is intended primarily for consumption on tablets and other mobile devices. There is no print edition. I’ve been […]

Instagram mainstream at US political conventions


The biggest media events in four years take place this week in the US with the Republican Party convention in Tampa, Florida, followed by the Democratic Party convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, next week. In the year when a new American president will be elected – or the current one continues for a second term […]

What happens in Vegas happens all over the web


The kerfuffle over those pics of Prince Harry in the buff in Las Vegas will reverberate for a while as The Establishment to’s and fro’s over the morality, ethics and plain business greed of it all. First published in the US by entertainment and celeb gossip website TMZ, the photos were easily discoverable on the […]

A compelling future for digital business media


In May, the Financial Times went on record to say with some confidence that they expect to see more paying subscribers to the paper’s digital edition by the end of 2012 than to its traditional printed newspaper. In a post on the FT’s Press Office Blog on July 27, the paper says that digital subscriptions […]