The difference between America and Europe

Reshared post from The Economist: Today’s #Dailychart shows how entrepreneurship differs wildly among countries. America is an engine of innovation, as attested by the upcoming public listing of Twitter, which aims to fetch a cool $1 billion. How do other countries rank in terms of entrepreneurship? Sadly, not so well View this post on Google+ Many of […]

Talking social internal communication at #smwSMILE


Social Media Week London starts next week, on Monday September 23. Hosted by Chinwag, the week-long event – part of the global SMW event taking place in eight cities around the world – features 245 individual events spread across London, all reflecting the broad global theme “Everything Is Connected.” One of those events is Simply […]

Should PowerPoint be banned from meetings?


If you’ve suffered through meetings where colleagues use PowerPoint decks as their autocues for droning ‘presentations,’ you’ll love this development at two leading companies that could be a model for others to emulate. Author and communicator Eric Bergman reports that two CEOs – Jeff Bezos at Amazon and Jeff Weiner at LinkedIn – have eliminated […]

Brian Solis and the evolution of social business


A guest post by Brian Solis. Businesses are aspiring to find the fountain of truth. Social media professionals believe that transparency and authenticity reveal the way. It does, to some extent. But it doesn’t answer how businesses can earn relevance among a new genre of connected consumers simply by embracing new technologies. The future of […]

Brian Solis, new marketing, and the four moments of truth


In a new world of marketing, strategists are seeking answers about technology, direction, and best practices. Brian Solis believes that in doing so, we are already on the wrong path. It’s not about social media nor is it about B2B vs B2C. Brian believes that it comes back to basics. Who are we trying to […]

Goodbye IABC and good luck


Last week, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) held its international conference in New York. By all accounts I’ve read, some 1,400 members went and took part. I’ve heard, too, that the professional development, networking and social events over the three days of the conference were as compelling and enjoyable as they ever have […]

This story about PR qualifies for ‘must read’


Every now and again, something is written or said about the practice of public relations, its development and evolution, usually with the phrase “this is a must read” attached. In my experience, much of what’s described as “must read” is anything but, especially when the words “social media” are added; it’s just spin for the […]

The standout experiences of LeWeb London 2013


The second LeWeb London conference took place earlier this month when 1,200 or so people gathered in London  – joined by thousands more via the net – to hear other people talk about the sharing economy. That dry description belies the dynamism and exuberance of this seminal biz/tech conference and exhibition  that has grown from […]

Broken trust and unfulfilled brand promises in Meaningful Brands study


The just-published 2013 Meaningful Brands study from French marketing and communications group Havas contains useful metrics and insights for business leaders, marketers and communicators, along with big uncomfortable realities about what consumers think about brands. This worldwide study into the connections between people and brands at a business level measures the benefits brands bring to […]