Know where the legal line lies in what you can and cannot say online


If you need further evidence that social media is now very much part of the fabric of contemporary society, it comes in the form of an initiative by the Attorney General’s Office designed “to help prevent social media users from committing a contempt of court.” Attorney General for England and Wales Dominic Grieve, QC, MP […]

Curating Leveson


I’m experimenting with getting to know Spundge, a content curation and publishing platform (which Craig Silverman talks about at length in the latest FIR Interview podcast I posted yesterday). Spundge is a lot about finding and filtering relevant content that matches topics you’re interested in. You do this through creating a Spundge Notebook, a sort […]

As it turns out, Apple isn’t above the law (and which is a bit behind the times)


When Apple posted an apology on its UK website last month as part of the price it paid in losing a lawsuit brought by Samsung, it didn’t endear itself well to the High Court. The lawsuit was filed by Samsung seeking a legal declaration that its Galaxy Tab tablet design did not infringe an Apple […]

Why share if you reserve all rights?


Channel 4 News posted a collection of dramatic photos to its Google+ page of the devastation wrought by Superstorm Sandy in New York City and elsewhere on the US east coast. My second thought was why post these pics with the restrictive copyright wording of “all rights reserved“? I noted in my post on Google+ […]

Just because Apple had to doesn’t mean they want to


Apple has posted a statement on its UK website that is the apology it was ordered to publish by a High Court judge as one result of losing the case in a lawsuit filed by Samsung seeking a legal declaration that its Galaxy Tab tablet design did not infringe an Apple design patent for the […]

Do your due diligence before using someone else’s content online


The Financial Times reports on an interesting legal dispute between British luxury fashion house Burberry and the estate of actor Humphrey Bogart that highlights the copyright minefield businesses can be faced with on using images online. Burberry used a still from the final scene of the film Casablanca, showing Bogart in his iconic trenchcoat, in […]

Apple, Samsung and pots and kettles


Apple’s lawyers had their day in the US last week in winning the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit over infringement of Apple’s software and design patents regarding the iPhone that saw Samsung ordered to pay Apple a billion dollars in damages. Some say the outcome of this legal dispute has huge implications for Samsung and other […]

What happens in Vegas happens all over the web


The kerfuffle over those pics of Prince Harry in the buff in Las Vegas will reverberate for a while as The Establishment to’s and fro’s over the morality, ethics and plain business greed of it all. First published in the US by entertainment and celeb gossip website TMZ, the photos were easily discoverable on the […]

Giving you a choice about cookies


A year ago a law – known as Directive 2009/136/EC – came into effect throughout the European Union on the use of cookies on websites, requiring a website owner to seek visitors’ consent to cookies being saved to their computers when they visit a website (more on cookies). Implementing the law in the UK was […]