Being inclusive about PR ethics


One of the great things about the Ethics Awareness Month initiative from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is that it helps focus clear attention on a core issue in the profession that, in many people’s minds, needs that attention. It doesn’t matter a bit that the PRSA’s initiative happens to be organized by […]

A tipping point sets a milestone for mainstream media evolution


I’ve been reading through the News of The World today. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought this newspaper – and the last time, too, as this was its last edition. The closure that concludes 168 years of newspaper publishing is a sorry end to a popular tabloid that consistently served up the type of […]

On the death of a mainstream medium


It’s an astonishing end to a newspaper that published its first edition in 1843 and grew to become the biggest-circulation English-language weekly newspaper in the world, with a readership averaging close to 7.5 million in 2010. That newspaper is the News of The World (NoTW). After 168 years of publishing, this Sunday, July 10, is […]

PCC seeks to regulate press Twitter feeds


Watchdog to consult on how tweets can be brought under its remit, asking each newspaper to draw up a ‘Twitter policy’

The role of media in the WikiLeaks revelations


Among the many news events vying for our attention in today’s media – mainstream and social – arguably the revelations from WikiLeaks about confidential communications between US embassies around the world and Washington will capture a majority of that attention in many countries. You can read all about it – just Google for wikileaks cables: […]

Links essential to trust of your online news source


Say all you want about citizen journalism, fast-breaking news on Twitter that is way faster than the mainstream media, etc – when it comes to one online news source above all that you trust, that source for me is the BBC. It’s not perfect, though, in one particular area – linking. One of the great […]

A benchmark established for blogger responsibility


A significant event happened yesterday that embraces freedom of speech, blogging and notions of responsibility for one’s actions. It concerns a blog post written by Rod Liddle (a journalist), published on a blog run by The Spectator (a weekly political magazine owned by the Telegraph Media Group), and ruled by the Press Complaints Commission (the […]

The art of writing great headlines

How much attention do you pay to the headline of a blog post or other content you write? I always think that the headline of a blog post, newspaper article, news release or other piece of written material is the most essential thing to pay attention to when you write that content. A compelling headline […]

Is this a future for the newspaper business?

More than 500 newspapers have signed up for an online news charging scheme, says Brand Republic. A US company called Journalism Online has signed up newspapers and online news outlets across the USA to use its e-commerce system for charging readers to access online content. Brand Republic says the company intends to launch this autumn. […]