The thrill and heartache of BlackBerry: employee perspectives


Whether Canadian mobile technology company BlackBerry has a viable future or not is still a big unknown. The company fell from grace during this year as sales of its smartphones plummeted in the face of competition from Apple and Android devices, plus a collapse in confidence in the company,  in the brand and in its […]

Twitter on the launchpad #TWTR


Today, Twitter is on the cusp of becoming a publicly-listed company with an initial equity valuation of $18 billion, according to some analysis. At 9.30am US Eastern time, 2.30pm GMT, the sound of the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange will mark the moment when shares in Twitter – at an initial offer […]

The changes that did for BlackBerry


Summarizing the tale of the rise and fall of mobile device and services maker BlackBerry as “changing too little and changing far too late” is probably as good as any way of succinctly capturing the sense of the huge fall from grace of Canada’s biggest technology company, originally known as Research in Motion or RIM. […]

Content marketing requires a sound foundation


Two words I’ve heard mentioned a lot recently are “content marketing.” I use them myself at times, often in the context of helping people understand the value that can be derived from taking ‘old’ but still valid “content” – case studies, white papers, features, etc – and re-telling those stories in ways that work well […]

Twitter takes control of its story as it prepares for an IPO


The days when you heard about a company’s plans for a stock market flotation via a newspaper report or a TV or radio news item are now so much part of our nostalgic reflecting on simpler, slower times with the announcement by Twitter late yesterday on its plans for such an event. The announcement was […]

FIR Interview: Allan Schoenberg, CME Group, on social media and the futures industry


A strategic approach to planning and implementing social media initiatives has played a significant and measurable role in enabling the CME Group to claim a position that is ahead of the curve when it comes to using social media among financial exchanges. The world’s largest future exchanges and owner of the Dow Jones stock and […]

The toxic mix of legality, morality and reputation


I first heard the phrase “It may be legal but is it moral?”in relation to the kerfuffle that blew up in the summer regarding the tax minimization activities of celebrities. What was happening – complex financial schemes to shelter income from the tax man in offshore tax havens and so pay the minimum UK tax […]

RIP Blackberry

A great analysis in The New York Times magazine of RIM and brand destruction. This share price chart says it all. Story: Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog. Created By Daniel Treadwell.

Do corporate apologies make any difference?


Reading today’s Telegraph over breakfast this morning, I opened page 6 to see a large display ad by Barclays Bank, pictured, containing an open letter of apology signed by its chairman, Marcus Agius. The apology is to do with the Libor interest-rate fixing scandal for which Barclays was fined £290 million ($450 million) last month […]