The definition of management

According to Dilbert. Love the humour, which reminds me of a workplace culture I experienced a previous life or two ago. No trust at all. Mind you, employee behaviours didn’t help. And leadership was dysfunctional, at best. All a virtuous circle, though – management didn’t trust employees; employees cared little about their work because management […]


+McKinsey & Company has a good assessment of social media in their quarterly journal article “Demystifying social media.” The chart you see here shows a visual representation of key points in the article. It’s good and something I would guess will make its way into the PowerPoint decks of anyone doing a presentation to the […]

Dilbert’s unique take on the mini-tablet market

Humour aside, a “bad tablet and an even worse phone”? In my experience, an excellent tablet but probably not good as a phone. Much depends on what you want to use such a device for. I have a Dell Streak (the original 5-incher) and I’m testing a Samsung Galaxy Note, about the same size as […]

My Blackberry is (still) not working

I first posted this video satire about the Blackberry (and Apple) smartphone by comedians Harry Enfield and Ronnie Corbett last December. In light of the continuing serious downtime issues with RIM’s Blackberry network, affecting users worldwide, it seems exceptionally apt to take another look. (If you don’t see the video embedded above, watch it at […]

Some truth behind the humour

I’m sure most of you will at least smile when you read this Dilbert cartoon published yesterday. Scott Adams‘¬†canny insight into the workplace and contemporary issues highlights underlying truths, in this case concerning the sometimes-collisions between public relations, conflicts of interest and ethical behaviours. Smile at the humour as you do the right thing.