Humour debunks marketing myths for Adobe

Intelligent humour that doesn’t patronize and isn’t condescending – it just makes you laugh – surely must be a Holy Grail for marketers when designing their campaigns. If something makes you laugh, particularly because you can identify in some way with the situation portrayed, you’re more likely to remember what made you laugh; and, from […]

Humour in Adobe’s Cloud

Buzzwords, precision in analytics and measuring ROI are topics featuring in a trio of humorous online videos that software maker Adobe has been using to raise awareness of key aspects of its Marketing Cloud product and drive traffic to its website. Launched in October 2012, the Adobe Marketing Cloud is an integrated set of analytics, […]

Don’t be like the pointy-haired boss

Big data. The cloud. Actionable analytics. Three phrases that have crept into the business lexicon and that are bandied about freely in many workplaces, sometimes by people who do broadly understand their meanings but more frequently by some (especially managers) who want to impress their co-workers, seem cool by using the latest lingo, or employ […]

The secrets of making viral videos

Outsource the clickers, create outreach programmes for the elderly, stimulate your kids’ clicking smarts with school clicking programmes. Making a viral video used to take a lot of work, says Buyral. “How can people go viraler and viraler?” they ask. And give you the answers. And check out the CL-app (say it quickly) for your […]

Humour’s a funny thing

What’s funny to you or I may not be to anyone else. Case in point – SpecSavers‘ press ad in the UK today over the Korean flag mixup at #London2012. I can see the humour certainly. But I wonder how the Koreas might especially with both flags portrayed together like that. Pretty sensitive issues for […]