The Kindle’s days are numbered


Whenever I’m on the tube in London, one thing I notice is the number of people quietly absorbed in reading a book or other text content on a Kindle as the crowded trains speed their way through the tunnels beneath the city. Amazon’s near-ubiquitous ebook reader has changed the reading habits of millions of people […]

Could NFC make the business card really useful?


I have a thing about business cards. These little rectangular pieces of stiff paper or card seem to me to have outlived their analogue usefulness in today’s digital world. What are you supposed to do with one when someone gives you theirs? You somehow have to get their contact info from the card and into […]

First BYOD, then BYOA: is COPE the tipping point?


‘Bring your own device‘ is a phrase whose acronym BYOD has gained wide recognition in business, large businesses especially. Apart from the genuine business pros and cons surrounding the idea of employees bringing their own computers, phones, tablets, etc, to the workplace – and using them for work – it reflects many of the profound […]

Where the internet lives


It’s a picture of Google that you wouldn’t possibly imagine when you think of the search engine giant that, increasingly, is directly involved in many other services. Multiple pictures, in fact, that tell a story far more valuable than 1,000 words. Stunning photographs accompany a great report in the Daily Mail that takes a look […]

Now it’s BYOA to follow BYOD


A topic in business I hear being talked about a lot is “bring your own device” – BYOD for short – that illustrates some of the profound changes taking place in the workplace in how people use (and want to use ) technologies and tools that let them get things done. The notion of BYOD […]

Freedom from charger entanglement


If you have lots of mobile and other portable devices as I do, I bet you have a lot of chargers to go with them, undoubtedly one charger per device. I just did a quick count around the office: ten devices  – mobile phones, portable drives, Kindles, wifi kit, etc – and twelve chargers (I […]

The hype cycle and tipping-point technologies


In studying the latest hype cycle for emerging technologies chart, published last week by IT industry analysts Gartner, there’s much to absorb as you review what Gartner sees as the common patterns of overenthusiasm, disillusionment and eventual realism that accompanies each new technology and innovation. For its 2012 report on emerging technologies, Gartner says it […]

Scroll Excel 7 first look


The market for tablet computers is looking rosy according to any number of research studies and reports in the mainstream media and tech press. It’s continuing good news for Apple and its iPad and for the myriad Android tablet-makers; and for satisfying consumers’ desire to own the latest affordable tech that gives them the freedom […]

Dell and the wow factor

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

Among the many announcements out of the Consumer Electronics Show this week is Dell’s new XPS 13 Ultrabook. Dell joins other manufacturers in the embryonic ultrabook segment late to the party, some say. Even if true, does it matter if you have something really different like Smart Connect functionality? That looks pretty cool, according to […]