The Google neural network


Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols explains how the new Google+ naming system will work, enabling business people and business brands to have custom URLs: short, easy-to-remember web addresses that should make it easier to find a business profile or page on Google+. For instance, instead of going to to get to the Ford Motor Company on […]

Google just disrupted the conference business with Hangouts On Air


If you organize conferences and similar events, your future in terms of how you organize and price your events just got really interesting. If you’re a conference-goer, events that might be out of reach to you for reasons of distance and/or total cost including travel and accommodation, just got equally interesting. It’s all down to […]

FIR Live #24: Hangout-On-Air panel discussion on influencer marketing

Our first FIR Live broadcast on the web in real time via YouTube took place on Saturday June 16 to address the topic of influencer marketing. FIR hosts Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson led a discussion with an all-star panel comprising influential opinion leaders in the US and the UK: David Armano EVP, Global Innovation […]

The FT’s 1 million milestone on Google+


The Financial Times’ post on Google+ yesterday was understated yet powerful: Today the Financial Times has reached 1m Google+ followers… Just three months ago, a survey reported that of all British national newspapers with a presence on Google’s social network, the FT was the leader in terms of numbers of followers – meaning, people who […]

Talking up Google+ Hangouts live

I took part in my first Google+ Hangout On Air yesterday, participating in a breakfast meeting of the appropriately-named Houston Social Media Breakfast, organized by Kami Huyse, as a guest speaker. You can watch the 42-minute recording of the session right here. (if you don’t see it embedded above, watch it on YouTube). Part of […]

Google Cube game brings fun to learning


A very neat idea from Google – a game to raise awareness of, and educate you about, Google Maps. Cube runs in your browser (ideally Google Chrome). You play it by completing levels that set you navigational challenges in various cities around the world. I just completed the first level, navigating to a bowling venue […]



+McKinsey & Company has a good assessment of social media in their quarterly journal article “Demystifying social media.” The chart you see here shows a visual representation of key points in the article. It’s good and something I would guess will make its way into the PowerPoint decks of anyone doing a presentation to the […]

Engagement methodology evolved


You hear often about mainstream media publishers designing a digital version of a print publication for mobile devices such as the iPad. Turn that idea the other way around – via PaidContent UK, here’s what Hearst UK is doing with the relaunch of their quarterly Good Ideas magazine: “[...] Good Ideas has been especially designed […]

The value of free internet


One of the feaures of travel these days is the (usually-met) expectation of high internet charges in your hotel. It’s common in Europe, for instance, for hotels to charge eye-watering rates to let you get online: charges of £20 or equivalent per day aren’t unusual. Some hotels include internet costs in their room rates, treating […]