Connecting content and the social conversations

A topic Shel and I discuss in this week’s FIR podcast episode 715 is commenting on blogs. More specifically, about the conversation that can happen in response to a post someone writes and publishes on a blog, and where the conversation actually takes place. Increasingly, it’s not on the blog itself – it’s on Twitter, […]

Can Google Hangouts replace press conferences?

Faced with the problem of how to reconcile arranging a press conference for a VIP with the lack of a hard news story, independent communications consultancy Keene Communications adopted a different approach, one that might interest you. Guest writer Michael White explains. This is a story of why we chose to replace a press conference […]

Author rank a key element in content marketing

“Content marketing” is a phrase to get accustomed to, if you’re not familiar with it already. It elevates the humble-sounding crafts of copywriting, video-making, writing blog posts, email newsletters and other methods of content creation and marketing that we’re used to onto an entirely new level. That level is where the new game of business […]

The Google neural network

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols explains how the new Google+ naming system will work, enabling business people and business brands to have custom URLs: short, easy-to-remember web addresses that should make it easier to find a business profile or page on Google+. For instance, instead of going to to get to the Ford Motor Company on […]