Renault pushes envelopes with the Kwid


Since the 1950s, concept cars have been ways that car manufacturers have showcased their ideas, talents and creativity about a new model of car, new styling and new technology. They’re typically shown with great fanfare at motor shows to gauge media and public reaction to new or radical designs that may or may not make […]

Broadcasting the wow factor


TV chat shows can be great platforms to introduce a new product, create interest in going to the cinema and see a hot movie, or any manner of things celebrity guests talk about and likely to attract a big audience. In today’s sharing society, you also want to extend the reach of a topic and […]

Amazon’s drone delivery service: not science fiction


A story that’s all over the news web today is about Amazon’s plans to start a delivery service that will get your package directly to your door straight from an Amazon fulfilment centre via a drone pilotless aircraft. No middlemen – no postal service, no couriers – just Amazon. And delivery within 30 minutes. Known […]

For wearable technologies, bandwidth matters (and other things)


Today, UK mobile operator EE is launching what it describes as “the world’s fastest 4G network” in part of London. The company says that the network – running LTE Advanced technology, capable of reaching 300Mbps speeds – will initially cover London’s Tech City, with companies in the area being selected to access it first. One […]

Getting to know the Olympus LS-14 and LS-12


As a podcaster, I’m interested in portable digital audio recorders as tools that I can use to record interviews, for example, when out and about. So when I hear about a new portable audio-recording device on the market, I’m curious to know how it might fare as a device for use such as mine. That’s […]

Freedom from charger entanglement


If you have lots of mobile and other portable devices as I do, I bet you have a lot of chargers to go with them, undoubtedly one charger per device. I just did a quick count around the office: ten devices  – mobile phones, portable drives, Kindles, wifi kit, etc – and twelve chargers (I […]

Inside the connected car


Very interesting assessment of in-car technology with some quotable predictions from Intel, eg: By next year the car will be the third most-connected place in which people spend time. By 2016, how connected a car is will be a critical buying decision. In the future, if car ownership declines but increased use is still needed, […]

Dilbert’s unique take on the mini-tablet market


Humour aside, a “bad tablet and an even worse phone”? In my experience, an excellent tablet but probably not good as a phone. Much depends on what you want to use such a device for. I have a Dell Streak (the original 5-incher) and I’m testing a Samsung Galaxy Note, about the same size as […]

Scroll Excel 7 first look


The market for tablet computers is looking rosy according to any number of research studies and reports in the mainstream media and tech press. It’s continuing good news for Apple and its iPad and for the myriad Android tablet-makers; and for satisfying consumers’ desire to own the latest affordable tech that gives them the freedom […]