#Skyfall: impressions of the latest James Bond adventure


We saw #Skyfall this afternoon at our local Showcase cinema. Very hard to say much about it without being a total spoiler. Five non-spoiler impressions: Daniel Craig is a brilliant Bond, grittier and more credible than before. And he was highly credible before. Javier Bardem, a bad guy so bad he’s… bad! Brilliant new Q, […]

A pharma view of social media

Last June, I took part in a video project that was characterized by its creativity, imaginative high-definition video work and of the content – social media and the workplace – and the credible opinions of the people who feature in the video. Red Sky Vision, the production company behind that video, have just published a […]

No-fuss perspectives: Social Media @ Work

Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. Block out 15 minutes of your time to watch a story, a corporate video with a difference. Watch it full screen in high definition and turn up the sound a little. Ready? Then let’s begin. (If you don’t see the video embedded above, watch it at Vimeo.) […]

A hoverboard that works


Doesn’t this… …look remarkably like this… Reality in a Back To The Future II style. Not in five years – 2015 was the year portrayed in that film – but ten is credible, I reckon. (Via Engadget) Related post: No hoverboards in San Francisco?

Avatar: telling an old story in a new way

We went and saw Avatar yesterday, the film that’s getting a lot of attention for a variety of reasons since its release on December 17: the amazing digital effects, the dramatic and epic scale of the story, the $400 million budget, the groundbreaking 3D version. We saw it in 3D at Cineworld Brighton, a multiplex […]

The Age of Stupid

I’d not heard about The Age of Stupid before seeing a story in the Financial Times about it that showed up in my RSS reader this morning. The Age of Stupid is a 90-minute film about climate change, set in the future, which will have its world premiere in London on March 15th 2009 and […]

No hoverboards in San Francisco?


I love a journalist who genuinely has a way with words. Who’s actually a good writer. Who might have an agenda and doesn’t pretend he or she doesn’t. Who touches on things that make you nod in recognition as well as laugh your head off. In sum, a journalist who writes so damn well and, […]

Watching the Watchmen


I’m watching with great interest some of the social media communication Dan Light is involved with as part of the marketing for Watchmen, a movie about American superheroes based on a DC Comics series, due out in the UK on March 6. Directed by Zack Snyder – who directed 300, adapted from a classic Frank […]

Suspend your disbelief and enjoy the adventure


When my wife and I came out of the cinema yesterday afternoon, after seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I started thinking about how to summarize what I thought of the film. What would I say if I had only 140 characters or less in which to say it? Here it […]