#Skyfall: impressions of the latest James Bond adventure

We saw #Skyfall this afternoon at our local Showcase cinema. Very hard to say much about it without being a total spoiler. Five non-spoiler impressions: Daniel Craig is a brilliant Bond, grittier and more credible than before. And he was highly credible before. Javier Bardem, a bad guy so bad he’s… bad! Brilliant new Q, […]

A pharma view of social media

Last June, I took part in a video project that was characterized by its creativity, imaginative high-definition video work and of the content – social media and the workplace – and the credible opinions of the people who feature in the video. Red Sky Vision, the production company behind that video, have just published a […]

No-fuss perspectives: Social Media @ Work

Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. Block out 15 minutes of your time to watch a story, a corporate video with a difference. Watch it full screen in high definition and turn up the sound a little. Ready? Then let’s begin. (If you don’t see the video embedded above, watch it at Vimeo.) […]

A hoverboard that works

Doesn’t this… …look remarkably like this… Reality in a Back To The Future II style. Not in five years – 2015 was the year portrayed in that film – but ten is credible, I reckon. (Via Engadget) Related post: No hoverboards in San Francisco?

Avatar: telling an old story in a new way

We went and saw Avatar yesterday, the film that’s getting a lot of attention for a variety of reasons since its release on December 17: the amazing digital effects, the dramatic and epic scale of the story, the $400 million budget, the groundbreaking 3D version. We saw it in 3D at Cineworld Brighton, a multiplex […]