4G LTE experiences and faster everything


4G – the marketing term that covers the next-generation cellular standards LTE, HSPA+ and WiMAX – is rolling out worldwide and LTE is currently available in more than 60 countries. It’s generally seen that LTE is the fastest 4G service and is the one that is the subject of a just-published report by Open Signal, […]

Getting things done faster with 4G


It was good to see news last week that EE’s 4G cellular data coverage now extends to nine more towns across the UK. That translates as 4G currently available in 28 towns and cities covering 45 percent of the population, with another 27 towns planned to have 4G by the summer. The UK’s first mobile […]

Six reasons why Vine is worth your time


The buzz about Vine – pro and con – is non stop. BBC News has a great 6-point analysis of why they think it will continue grabbing attention: Stop motion animation is alive and well Ads work at six second length People tend to do rather than say Artificial limits help hype a social media offering […]

Vine: the compelling wild place


An app that’s captured imaginations worldwide in less than a week is Vine, a video-sharing tool launched by Twitter on January 24. Once you install Vine on your iPhone or iPod Touch – iOS is the only mobile platform it’s currently available for – you can then record short video clips, up to six seconds […]

The peculiarities of cellular network speeds


It’s easy these days to see how fast your mobile network is – just run a test on your mobile device with a service such as Speedtest.net and it will give you measured results. But – as I expect you would guess – there’s more to it than simply looking at download/upload rates and ping […]

Introducing the new NevilleHobson.com


Today, the new NevilleHobson.com makes its appearance – version 4.0 of this site I started writing in 2006. Not wanting to make a huge deal out of what, essentially, is the installation of a new WordPress theme – like a new wardrobe – I’ve given the site a new look and and a better feel […]

Boost your WordPress blog with Jetpack


If you self-host a WordPress blog, one of the most useful plug-ins you can install is Jetpack, created by WordPress publisher Automattic originally for blogs built on the hosted WordPress.com service The Jetpack plug-in has recently been updated to version 2, which now makes it an indispensible part of your blog presence on the social […]

QR codes at heart of lost-and-found service Belon.gs


A topic I’ve written about frequently here is QR codes, those square, random-looking black-and-white images that are meaningless to the eye but content-rich to a cameraphone and some barcode-scanning software. These little barcodes are popping up everywhere these days, and how they’re being used by marketers attracts praise and derision in almost equal measure. Given […]

Presenting a video and slideshow mashup


In  May, I wrote about Present.me, a cloud-based tool that lets you create audio-visual presentations combining a slide deck with a video you record to make an online presentation that your community can watch on demand, any time. As the creators say, think of Slideshare meets YouTube. Finally I found a moment to actually use […]