Making a difference, one conversation at a time #BAD13


Today, in blogs big and small around the world, people are talking about human rights. It’s a topic of universal interest yet often it’s one of universal fatigue, too. You get fed up hearing about famines, wars and human suffering that seems never-ending and that violate the human rights of people everywhere, unendingly. You get […]

The difference between America and Europe

Reshared post from The Economist: Today’s #Dailychart shows how entrepreneurship differs wildly among countries. America is an engine of innovation, as attested by the upcoming public listing of Twitter, which aims to fetch a cool $1 billion. How do other countries rank in terms of entrepreneurship? Sadly, not so well View this post on Google+ Many of […]

A day of value and insight at #smwSMILE


Last night, I was reviewing the videos, photos and blog posts written about Simply SMILE, the one-day conference focused on internal communication and social media that took place on September 23, 2013. It was part of Social Media Week London, with the hashtag #smwSMILE. It all reminded me what a valuable, useful and enjoyable event […]

Skype the disrupter and enabler ten years on


On August 29, 2013,  Skype celebrated its tenth anniversary. From small beginnings a decade ago as a VoIP telephony service – letting you make free phone calls via the internet to other Skype users – Skype today is recognized as having been a major influencer in the disruptive changes we’ve seen in this time with […]

Differentiators in the battle for the 4G customer


Mobile operator EE has enjoyed a near year-long monopoly with its 4G cellular service in the UK, launched in October 2012. That dominant market position comes to an end this week as rival mobile operators Vodafone and O2 begin to roll out their own 4G services from today, starting in London. Or does it? The […]

From the fingertips of bloggers over 50


The email said, “We have a paying subscriber base of around 550,000 and 1.2 million readers so do expect an increase in visitors – make sure you put your wittiest, wisest comments up around then!” These were the words of Katy Bravery, editor of Saga magazine, in an email to let me know that this […]

The magic of Google


I bought a belt yesterday from Marks and Spencer‘s online store. A pretty routine activity – online shopping is indeed pretty routine these days – where I chose the item, authorized the payment and will see my purchase sometime today. It wasn’t long after that virtual trip to M&S online that I noticed that nearly […]

Getting to know the Olympus LS-14 and LS-12


As a podcaster, I’m interested in portable digital audio recorders as tools that I can use to record interviews, for example, when out and about. So when I hear about a new portable audio-recording device on the market, I’m curious to know how it might fare as a device for use such as mine. That’s […]

What’s in a name?


A service I’ve used since the mid 00s is YouSendIt, the freemium file-sharing service you use to send large files to people. It’s been a perfect tool over the years, especially in the days  when ‘large files’ typically meant anything bigger than about two megs that would give corporate email systems indigestion (if the email […]