FIR Speakers and Speeches: Brian Solis at The B2B Huddle in London


On July 12, 2013, Brian Solis spoke at a B2B Huddle event in London. Brian is widely regarded as one of the most credible and compelling speakers on topics and themes related to business disruption, transformation, and change. He’s the author of three best-selling business books and co-author of two others. His latest book – […]

Brian Solis and the evolution of social business


A guest post by Brian Solis. Businesses are aspiring to find the fountain of truth. Social media professionals believe that transparency and authenticity reveal the way. It does, to some extent. But it doesn’t answer how businesses can earn relevance among a new genre of connected consumers simply by embracing new technologies. The future of […]

Remembering 7/7


Eight years ago on this date – on July 7, 2005 – suicide bombers killed over 50 people in London in  a series of terror attacks on  buses and tube trains during the morning rush hour. More than 700 people were injured, many severely. While 7/7 wasn’t of the magnitude nor horror of 9/11 four […]

Brian Solis, new marketing, and the four moments of truth


In a new world of marketing, strategists are seeking answers about technology, direction, and best practices. Brian Solis believes that in doing so, we are already on the wrong path. It’s not about social media nor is it about B2B vs B2C. Brian believes that it comes back to basics. Who are we trying to […]

The standout experiences of LeWeb London 2013


The second LeWeb London conference took place earlier this month when 1,200 or so people gathered in London  – joined by thousands more via the net – to hear other people talk about the sharing economy. That dry description belies the dynamism and exuberance of this seminal biz/tech conference and exhibition  that has grown from […]

Immersive LeWeb London


Today, June 5, is the first day of LeWeb London 2013, the two-day biz-tech fest that nearly 900 people have signed up to be part of, along with speakers, sponsors, journos and official bloggers. In that latter group, I’m one. The programme is terrific, and I’m really looking forward to being part of it all […]

FIR Speakers and Speeches: Livia Giulia Zuppardo on Google+ at #b2bhuddle


Many companies use social networks in their B2B marketing. According to Google, the advent of Google+ broadens the horizons for businesses by adding a social layer across all Google’s services that adds identity, relationships, and sharing to the mix. In her keynote presentation at The B2B Huddle on May 2, 2013, held at Oracle’s UK […]

Good reasons to be at LeWeb London in June


In ten days time, LeWeb London takes place. The overall theme is the sharing economy; the speaker line-up is fabulous, the agenda is compelling and, so, far, over 850 people have booked to be there on June 5 and 6. This third LeWeb conference in London – to complement the winter LeWeb Paris that’s been […]

FIR Speakers and Speeches: Doug Kessler on The Future of B2B Content Marketing at #b2bhuddle


When something as big as content marketing comes along and transforms an entire discipline, it creates a lot of anxiety. Change is scary and it can sometimes feel like you’re hopelessly behind everyone else. At The B2B Huddle on May 2, 2013, held at Oracle’s UK headquarters, keynote speaker Doug Kessler shone a powerful spotlight […]