When robots rule the world


The idea that computers rather than people could make decisions about other people’s intentions in the workplace that I wrote about recently – an IBM security tool can flag “disgruntled employees” – may be the tip of an evolutionary iceberg that spotlights a wider and deeper issue facing developed countries like the US and many […]

Shape the debate about the UK and the EU


A few days ago, Prime Minister David Cameron made a speech in London on what he called “the future of Europe,” setting out his stall about the UK, the European Union, Europe itself and how he sees the future for these entities. I watched his live delivery on the TV news. I liked much of […]

Taking LeWeb to another level


The announcement a few days ago that the LeWeb conference has been acquired by Reed MIDEM marks a significant milestone in the evolution of an annual event that has become the public networking platform of choice for big business, entrepreneurs, tech start-ups, politicians and anyone else with a keen interest in where the international internet […]

Explore the Internet of Things at LeWeb via live video


The winter 2012 edition of Europe’s most influential and popular tech/startup/venture-capitalist event known as Le Web begins in Paris tomorrow December 4. According to Loic Le Meur, LeWeb founder, more than 3,000 people from around the world are expected to be there for the duration of the conference and networking extravaganza which runs until December […]

Facebook could be a standard feature in credit scoring


German news magazine Der Spiegel reports that Germany’s largest credit agency plans to mine Facebook and other social networking sites in search of information that could help the agency determine what effect online relationships may have on people’s abilities to pay their bills. [... The credit agency] SCHUFA also plans to analyze information about people […]

Experiencing Ford’s 3D B-MAX hologram


A few weeks ago, Ford launched an influencer outreach campaign in six European countries as part of a build-up to the European launch of its B-MAX car this summer. The car (a mini MPV) features pillar-less doors: there is no traditional central B-pillar which instead is integrated into the doors themselves (video). Easy access to […]

Giving you a choice about cookies


A year ago a law – known as Directive 2009/136/EC – came into effect throughout the European Union on the use of cookies on websites, requiring a website owner to seek visitors’ consent to cookies being saved to their computers when they visit a website (more on cookies). Implementing the law in the UK was […]

Ford embraces social influence marketing in Europe


When you look at big corporations and who uses social media well as an integral element in brand and product marketing, one of the companies that stands out is Ford. The US-headquartered vehicle maker has a well-established and credible social media presence and embraces literally all the primary social channels you can think of. I’ve […]

Twitter can’t be gagged, even in France


The first round in the French presidential election ended yesterday with the result that Socialist Party challenger François Hollande narrowly edged in front of incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy by the slim margin of just over 1 percent of the vote. Both men will compete in a second round run-off, due to be held on May […]