Redefining today’s communicator in Norway


When I look at the landscape of the communication profession around Europe, I see similar issues that concern communicators, most notably how strategic are communicators (and the profession itself), abiding by codes of conduct and practicing ethical behaviour, and being professional. It’s a topic in the front of my mind as I finalise plans for […]

Results you can measure when you have a content marketing strategy


If the real challenge of content marketing is when you don’t have a strategy – like the 50% and more of companies in recent surveys in the US who don’t – imagine the possibilities when you do have a strategy. Possibilities are very real to businesses in EMEA, where communication professionals are seeing a high […]

Careless talk can cost you your life


Belgian communications agency Duval Guillaume Modem is all about big ideas. Only ideas are the carriers of new thoughts and can influence behaviour, the agency says. Ideas are what differentiate human beings from other animals and computers. Ideas originate from creative processes, not from procedures. The award-winning agency is living up to this ideal with […]

Remembering 7/7


Eight years ago on this date – on July 7, 2005 – suicide bombers killed over 50 people in London in  a series of terror attacks on  buses and tube trains during the morning rush hour. More than 700 people were injured, many severely. While 7/7 wasn’t of the magnitude nor horror of 9/11 four […]

Immersive LeWeb London


Today, June 5, is the first day of LeWeb London 2013, the two-day biz-tech fest that nearly 900 people have signed up to be part of, along with speakers, sponsors, journos and official bloggers. In that latter group, I’m one. The programme is terrific, and I’m really looking forward to being part of it all […]

Good reasons to be at LeWeb London in June


In ten days time, LeWeb London takes place. The overall theme is the sharing economy; the speaker line-up is fabulous, the agenda is compelling and, so, far, over 850 people have booked to be there on June 5 and 6. This third LeWeb conference in London – to complement the winter LeWeb Paris that’s been […]

Survey reveals youthful aspirations for the future of business communication


One of the characteristics of the contemporary communications landscape is how it’s constantly changing. Predicting how advertising, marketing, public relations and the broad business communications spectrum will evolve and what it all may look like over the next decade requires vision and a clear line of sight on what you want to see. That’s precisely […]

Volvo Trucks creates a broad footprint across the social web for new truck launch


Some of the most imaginative uses of social media in support of marketing and brand communication are in the car industry. If you follow what’s happening in that industry from a social media perspective, you’ll know about what companies like Ford (surely today’s poster child for the social car industry) and General Motors in the […]

In a crisis of reputation and trust, the personal touch is everything


The horsemeat scandal in Europe continues at the centre stage of attention with more bad news appearing almost daily in lurid newspaper headlines like those above in some UK tabloids as more beef products contaminated with horsemeat are discovered in many European countries. Alongside the original headline-grabbers about supermarkets in the UK such as Tesco, […]