Underpinning how social you want your PR


It was great to see tweets like this one from Lisa Pool as we concluded “How social do you want your PR?” at the headquarters of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) in London on January 24. The title of the evening meeting – one in the CIPR’s Social Summer series of conversation and […]

A leadership call to action to build trust


The broad decline in trust in business and political leadership we’ve seen over the past few years took a deep dive during the last twelve months as, today, less than a fifth of people believe that a business or government leader will actually tell the truth when confronted with a difficult issue. That’s the stark […]

The toxic mix of legality, morality and reputation


I first heard the phrase “It may be legal but is it moral?”in relation to the kerfuffle that blew up in the summer regarding the tax minimization activities of celebrities. What was happening – complex financial schemes to shelter income from the tax man in offshore tax havens and so pay the minimum UK tax […]

Curating Leveson


I’m experimenting with getting to know Spundge, a content curation and publishing platform (which Craig Silverman talks about at length in the latest FIR Interview podcast I posted yesterday). Spundge is a lot about finding and filtering relevant content that matches topics you’re interested in. You do this through creating a Spundge Notebook, a sort […]

Setting a standard for event infographics


Last week, the first Global PR Summit took place in Miami, Florida. Organized by the Holmes Group (best known for its Holmes Report and the SABRE Awards), the summit was billed as “a high-level event designed for senior practitioners to address the critical issues facing the profession and to celebrate the best public relations work […]

IABC raises more awareness of PR and Wikipedia


Yesterday, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) published its latest edition of CW Bulletin, the monthly online supplement to CW, the association’s printed monthly magazine for members. Each edition of CW Bulletin presents articles, case studies and additional resources on timely topics in communication. The September edition is no different, with its focus on […]

What happens in Vegas happens all over the web


The kerfuffle over those pics of Prince Harry in the buff in Las Vegas will reverberate for a while as The Establishment to’s and fro’s over the morality, ethics and plain business greed of it all. First published in the US by entertainment and celeb gossip website TMZ, the photos were easily discoverable on the […]

Will Klout ever let you go?


In November 2011, I quit Klout. Totally and completely. Not only did I close the account, but also I cancelled permissions to allow Klout to connect to each of the online social places to which I’d previously given it permission. That included manually removing permissions from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare and others I can’t […]

Drawing a line on ethics in PR


Like all professions, public relations has codes of ethics that describe behaviours to guide those who practice the profession to differentiate what’s right and wrong in how they do that. A simplistic view, perhaps, but not far off a base description of what ethical behaviour in PR should be about but, often, isn’t. So is […]