Kred wants to take influence measurement to a new level


“We all have influence somewhere” is the tag line of Kred, a social influence measurement service created by PeopleBrowsr, a San Francisco-based social media analytics company, to identify influential people in interest-based communities. It’s a credible descriptor to apply to a service that, on the one hand, provides individuals with metrics to show the measurable […]

Don’t be like the pointy-haired boss


Big data. The cloud. Actionable analytics. Three phrases that have crept into the business lexicon and that are bandied about freely in many workplaces, sometimes by people who do broadly understand their meanings but more frequently by some (especially managers) who want to impress their co-workers, seem cool by using the latest lingo, or employ […]

Leadership is about conversations


I came upon a blog post this weekend that addressed its subject matter in a way that I found breath-taking both in its simplicity and in its clarity. 5 Qualities that Make a Good Leader in the Social Media Age by Brian Verhoeven looks at leadership innovation as discussed in the book Humanize published last […]

Coca-Cola re-imagines the corporate website


Earlier this week, The Coca-Cola Company unveiled its new corporate website, an online presence that is quite a radical shift from the typical corporate website you’re used to seeing from global businesses. According to a feature about the new website in the New York Times, Coke executives say it’s the most ambitious digital project they […]

First BYOD, then BYOA: is COPE the tipping point?


‘Bring your own device‘ is a phrase whose acronym BYOD has gained wide recognition in business, large businesses especially. Apart from the genuine business pros and cons surrounding the idea of employees bringing their own computers, phones, tablets, etc, to the workplace – and using them for work – it reflects many of the profound […]

Social media in the workplace: Still a long haul


According to a US survey on employee use of social media in the workplace, published by HR software and services company Silk Road, there’s an encouraging picture emerging of how employers approach the overall topic. “We found that a substantial percentage of companies had completely open social media access,” says the survey report infographic (which […]

Now it’s BYOA to follow BYOD


A topic in business I hear being talked about a lot is “bring your own device” – BYOD for short – that illustrates some of the profound changes taking place in the workplace in how people use (and want to use ) technologies and tools that let them get things done. The notion of BYOD […]

Experiencing the FT’s #FTDLW12


I’m spending the day today at the Financial Times headquarters in London, taking part in an employee-focused learning experience that, until I arrived here early this morning, I hadn’t appreciated the full scale of what they’re endeavouring to achieve. The FT’s Digital Learning Week 2012 is a three-day event for employees, comprising presentations, panel discussions, […]

Delight your customers, don’t just please them


Some interesting shifts in thinking are getting underway in the travel industry, according to AdAge, with British Airways in the forefront of looking at how they’re using technology in customer service and what they need to do to help their employees deliver outstanding service. AdAge says that the airline is analysing the passenger data it […]