FIR Book Club #4: "Civility in the Digital Age" author Andrea Weckerle


Andrea Weckerle was the guest author for the third installment of the FIR Book Club on April 5, 2013, hosted by FIR Book Review Editor Bob LeDrew. Andrea is the author of Civility in the Digital Age. Read the transcript of the live chat here. Listen Now: Andrea Weckerle is an American attorney and the […]

Andrea Weckerle will answer your questions at FIR’s April 5 Book Club session


Andrea Weckerle, author of Civility in the Digital Age, is set to take your questions during FIR’s next Book Club, which Book Review Editor Bob LeDrew will host. Friday, April 5, 2013 9am PDT | 11am CDT | 12 pm EDT | 5pm BST FIR Book Club at TalkShoe Andrea is also the founder and […]

FIR Book Review: Civility in the Digital Age by Andrea Weckerle


Andrea Weckerle was an FIR Interview guest in January 2010, discussing CiviliNation, the organization she co-founded to promote civil behaviour online. Now, as part of that effort, she has written Civility in the Digital Age, a review of the issues affecting civility online and proposing a “30-Day Action Plan” for restoring civility to your corner […]

FIR Interview: Intel’s Ekaterina Walter on her new book, Think Like Zuck


Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a lightning rod for controversy, but there is no denying that his entrepreneurial vision led to the creation of one of the most important tools of our time. With over 1 billion active users, Facebook has redefined networking and had a massive influence on branding, marketing and customer […]

FIR Interview: Lee LeFever of Common Craft


Listen Now: Lee LeFever, founder of explainer video company Common Craft, is out with a new book, The Art of Explanation. Far too few explanations are included in most communication and marketing efforts; the focus is on selling instead of explaining the whats and whys people may be wondering about. Common Craft’s well-known In Plain […]

FIR Book Review: What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us by Guy Kawasaki


Listen Now: Google+ is Google’s social network, launched publicly in September 2011 following a three-month beta test phase. According to its Wikipedia entry, as of September 2012, it has a total of 400 million registered users of whom 100 million are active on a monthly basis. In What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of […]

FIR Interview: Philip Sheldrake and Stephen Waddington on ‘Share This’


“Social media has become an invaluable tool in my PR armoury by giving me a direct voice to speak directly to members of the media and the general public,” says Lord Sugar. “This book is a useful guide to using social media effectively.” Gaining such a glowing endorsement for a business book from one of […]

FIR Book Club #3: Marketing in the Round co-author Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich was the guest author for the third installment of the FIR Book Club, hosted by FIR Book Review Editor Bob LeDrew. Gini co-authored Marketing in the Round with Geoff Livingston. Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, a Chicago-based integrated marketing communication firm. She also is the founder of the […]

FIR Book Review: Marketing in the Round by Gini Dietrich and Geoff Livingston


FIR Book Review Editor Bob LeDrew reviews Marketing in the Round, a collaboration between Arment-Dietrich CEO Gini Dietrich and marketing strategist Geoff Livingston. From the book description: “It’s not about social media. Or new (or old) media. It’s about results – and there’s only one way to get results. You must finally bite the bullet, […]