Refreshing design


A Bank Holiday weekend is a good quiet time for a web project and to roll out a new look to The look and feel of a website – whether it’s a blog like this one or a corporate site like any you can think of – is a key element in the overall […]

A trustworthy method for the new thought leadership model


The humour in this Dilbert cartoon – the boss talking about blogging his thoughts about his business when in reality it will be his employee doing the thinking and the writing – is a simple but good reminder that expressing opinion online is a lot about authenticity. You may have someone suggesting topics to you […]

Blogging ten years ago


Ten years ago today, on December 13, 2002, I wrote and published my first blog post. Nothing especially inspiring, earth-moving or even awesome in what I said, just a brief note to announce my entry into the embryonic blogosphere: Dec 13, 2002 — Finally joing [sic] the thousands who already publish blogs. This blog will […]

A fix for Windows Live Writer to ‘see’ a WordPress theme


I’ve used the Windows Live Writer content creation and publishing tool for blog posts and pages from Microsoft since it first appeared in beta form in the mid-00s. In my experience, it is the best offline blog editor for Windows bar none. It’s not perfect, mind you, with probably the biggest frustration being that of […]

3,000 posts


I just noticed that I’ve reached a milestone in blog publishing, with 3,000 posts published at since I started this blog in 2006. I published my first post here on February 22, 2006. That’s 2,392 days ago, so 3,000 posts works out at roughly a post-and-a-bit a day. Not sure what that actually means […]

Content-scraping is theft, pure and simple


Jim Connolly posted a link on his Google+ page to “No Such Thing As A Good Scraper” by AJ Kohn, who writes a pretty good analysis and summary of what content scrapers often do with your written content. You’re not wholly sure what content scraping is? The Wikipedia definition of a scraper site will help […]

Defining contemporary society


Best words I’ve seen in a very long time that paint a compelling picture of what anyone with an opinion has the potential to do today: “We have gone from a world split between gatekeepers and media “consumers” to a world in which anyone regardless of geography, finances, social class, race, gender, or any other […]

A golden milestone to mark a decade


The Golden Age of tech blogging is over, says Jeremiah Owyang in his post on December 27. [...] Like the film industry, the Golden Era is the emergence period, when fresh innovation in a new medium is born. New techniques, revolutionary content, and different business models emerge as innovators pioneer a new medium. He cites […]

Euroblog Social Media Awards call for entries


An event I’m very happy to help raise awareness of is the 2011 Social Media Awards programme from the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (Euprera), that aims to recognize the best student and research PR blogging across Europe at an awards ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal, in March. The programme is part of Euprera’s […]