How ‘social TV’ enables immersive involvement in live events


Audience participation with live TV events via social channels like Twitter is becoming increasingly common and a big part of audience expectations. I’m thinking of campaign-type events, not spontaneous or serendipitous actions by individual tweeters, Facebookers or Google+ers with their communities. This is about orchestrated activities: programme-makers and the television broadcasters creating a broader platform […]

Innovative co-branding (and risk-taking) with Android KitKat


There’s a lot going on in the mobile devices market these days. News about new iPhones from Apple. Much talk about Microsoft buying Nokia’s phone business and speculation about the impact on the smartphone market. The forthcoming release of a new version of Android, the mobile operating system from Google. These are usually topics of […]

The magic of Google


I bought a belt yesterday from Marks and Spencer‘s online store. A pretty routine activity – online shopping is indeed pretty routine these days – where I chose the item, authorized the payment and will see my purchase sometime today. It wasn’t long after that virtual trip to M&S online that I noticed that nearly […]

Careless talk can cost you your life


Belgian communications agency Duval Guillaume Modem is all about big ideas. Only ideas are the carriers of new thoughts and can influence behaviour, the agency says. Ideas are what differentiate human beings from other animals and computers. Ideas originate from creative processes, not from procedures. The award-winning agency is living up to this ideal with […]

Instagram ups the game with video


The stakes in the market for quick-video apps on mobile devices were raised a few bars yesterday with the release of a new version of Instagram that enables you to record video clips. Twitter-owned quick-video app Vine captured imaginations when it launched earlier this year for iPhones with the ability it gives to anyone to […]

Vine comes to Android


With some fanfare in the tech press, hot video app Vine made its debut today on Android devices. Until now, the popular Twitter-owned app has been available only for Apple devices. There’s no doubt that Vine has captured imaginations worldwide since it launched in January, just four months ago. In that short time, it’s acquired […]

Survey reveals youthful aspirations for the future of business communication


One of the characteristics of the contemporary communications landscape is how it’s constantly changing. Predicting how advertising, marketing, public relations and the broad business communications spectrum will evolve and what it all may look like over the next decade requires vision and a clear line of sight on what you want to see. That’s precisely […]

Your gleeful inner child: a marketing winner for Evian


Evian, the premium bottled-water brand of French foods group Danone, has enjoyed some success in recent years for its imaginative and virally-attractive online video campaigns centred around babies. Not ordinary babies, though – these are dancing babies and roller-skating babies, all behaving in their body movements and expressions like miniature grown-ups. From a brand marketing […]

The sound of an F-type

Jaguar F-type

Intriguing piece of story-telling in this short (13 minutes) film “Desire” for Jaguar and its new just-launched F-type sports car, made by Ridley Scott, starring Damian Lewis and Shannyn Sossamon with music by Lana Del Rey. Best viewed in 1080p HD at full screen to get the maximum impact from the beautiful photography. Not sure about the […]