I work with individuals and organizations in four specific areas:


If you’re looking to connect with a communicator who can help you and your business understand how to build and develop genuine relationships with the people you want to connect with – whether those people are customers, employees, shareholders, journalists… anyone else you can think of – then we should talk. More >


While my primary business area is consulting, I’m also a freelance writer, blogger, copywriter and podcaster creating articles, blog posts, case studies, white papers, audio podcasts and other online content, especially on technology topics to explain often-complex concepts in simple terms … I do occasionally write directly for publications and create guest posts for other blogs, but my keener interest and focus is on creating and curating content for client organizations. More >


What I aim to achieve in such activities is to offer people actionable insight into a world of possibilities for them to improve their collaborative working and communication effectiveness … I look for ways to get to that “light bulb moment” – the moment when, as a presenter or discussion facilitator, you just know everyone is getting engaged with the topic or theme you’re talking about. More >


Of all the social media tools that have emerged since the turn of the century, one of the most exciting is podcasting … From concepts to final audio production, I can help you produce your business podcast. Whether in support of a campaign, for a special event or the start of an ongoing series, I can work with you on scripting, recording and production. More >

If you would like to discuss a specific assigment, or just talk through some ideas or concepts, I’d welcome a discussion. Here’s how to get in touch with me: