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Hello, I’m Neville Hobson, an independent communication consultant (since 2004), a co-founder of start-ups, an occasional giver-upper of the free lance to sample the corporate dollar, pound or euro. (For details about my business activities, please take a look at my business website.)

I have a curiosity for tech and how people use it. I’m an early adopter (and leaver) and experimenter with social media.

I’m a blogger (since 2002) and a podcaster (since 2005). I co-host the For Immediate Release podcast series including the weekly business show The Hobson and Holtz Report, now in its ninth year. I’m a reviewer of gadgets and gizmos, apps and experiences. A test pilot of shiny new objects, as it were.

With this blog www.nevillehobson.com, I analyse and discuss trends, behaviours and practices in digital communication to help you understand what they mean for people and organizations.

As I say in the blog’s strapline:

At the intersection of business, communication and technology. And shiny new objects.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve lived and worked in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. I’ve worked for a wide range of organizations, from global enterprises to small- and medium-size businesses to independent consulting.

In this time, I’ve learned a huge amount about organizations, the people who lead them and the people who make up those organizations. I’ve acquired a few skills in organizational communication and business leadership along the way. I’ve made mistakes along that way, too, which, I believe, I haven’t repeated. At least, not the ones that matter.

And I’ve got to know a great deal about what makes people tick and the experiences of working with and getting to know people of different nationalities, cultures and generations. My mother tongue is English and I also speak Spanish fluently.

You could call me an internationalist.

All of these experiences provide me with keen insight into people and technologies, what those technologies enable people to do, and what people actually do (and not do). A never-ending fascination, much of which makes its way in one way or another into what I write and publish here.

In any case, thanks for visiting this blog. Please feel free to join in or start a conversation in any of the posts you read; or reach out and connect, either directly or via any of the places you’ll find me across the social web.


Additional Information

My writing and other online content is widely syndicated via services such as Newstex, Demand Media, CIPR Conversation and Web Pro News. I’m an occasional blogger at Huffington Post UK. I’m also listed in a number of online influencer rankings and groups including:

Everything you read here represents my own personal views and has nothing to do with any organization with whom I have a business or professional relationship, unless stated otherwise, and for which I take responsibility. Note, though, that comments on blog posts or submitted to a podcast I present or co-present, are the views and opinions of the commenters for which they take responsibility. See also the terms and conditions of use.

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