A reminder: SEO isn’t PR

SEO loves PR...Heather Yaxley has a great post that ought to be widely shared and bookmarked way beyond the public relations community – although PRs would benefit from reading it, too.

It’s about search engine optimization – SEO – that often seems like a dark art of Google PageRank manipulation as well as a legitimate tool or method designed to support marketing strategies among other things.

It’s also widely misunderstood, a case in point  being its relationship to public relations and what it can do for PR.

In "An idiot’s guide to PR – lessons for SEO and digital marketing," Heather lists ten rules as a quick guide for for those who work in SEO and digital marketing on what PR is not.

Of the ten, the one that especially caught my attention is Rule 7, in the wake of the mini-kerfuffle that erupted a week or so ago about Google PageRank, SEO and press releases:

Rule 7: PR is not focused on clicks and views. Achieving organic search engine optimisation is about more than tricks to generate clicks and views. That’s why more SEO folk than PR practitioners are worried about Google’s comments about press releases. First, PR practitioners view a press/media release as means of providing information, not a vehicle for SEO content. Only those in the junk business stuff releases with references to brand names and other terms simply to generate clicks and views. Ditto with in-document self-referential links and other practices that ignore that quality of information is the core remit of a release.

Well said, Heather.

[Update Aug 27] Shel and I discussed Heather’s post – and especially the discussion in the comments – in this week’s FIR episode 718 recorded on August 26.