Here’s what I do

Every now and again, I meet someone who knows a bit about me from reading my blog or following me on Twitter – but still asks “So what is it you do?”

Even though I’ve been writing this particular blog since 2006 and have wording on it that talks about what I do, it’s really not very clear. Even I have trouble finding information sometimes. An encounter a few days ago and the inevitable question prompted me to do something about that asap.

The result is detailed new content to answer that question, published on a new website under a domain I’ve had for some years but never used in a meaningful way.

Neville Hobson business website

Although the new website at runs WordPress, it’s not set up as a blog – the place for that continues to be at The new site comprises just five content titles that should give very clear signals as to what topics each content page addresses:

About | Consulting |Speaking | Writing | Podcasting

If you arrive on the site’s home page, you’ll find a kaleidoscope of content from my social stream, courtesy of Rebelmouse. It’s a service I’m experimenting with – and have had a version running on this blog for some months – that takes what you tweet about and automatically creates a visual display of the content that’s compelling and attractive to look at and interact with.

I think it also gives anyone a little insight into the types of content someone finds interesting and sharable from a range of their places across the social web including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, RSS feeds from blogs and more. See if you agree.

Putting Rebelmouse on the home page, incidentally, came after I saw what Paul Chaney did with his business website. Like it!

So, in the interests of clarity, I’ve finally explained a few things, hopefully better than I had before. I don’t expect anyone to ask me “So what is it you do?” once they’ve taken a peek at anything on the new website.

Feedback and opinion welcome, thanks.