EU: The internet cuts out the middle man

The EU Observer reports that the European Parliament is looking at how its 736 deputies and 6,000 staff should prepare for novelties such as internet-politics, multi-lateralism and enhanced legal powers.

[...] A recent example of the power of the internet for deputies was the mobilising effect it had on opponents of Acta – a controversial international anti-counterfeit treaty. The parliament – due to decide whether to reject the agreement in summer – was recently the subject of a global 2-million strong petition against Acta.

“The internet cuts out the middle man. This is a challenge for parliament because parliamentarians are traditional middle men,” said [Klaus Welle, Secretary General of the European Parliament] at a recent conference.

“So how can we equip MEPs so that under completely different competitive conditions they are still credible middle men towards the citizens, and they are not cut out of the system?”

Looking forward to seeing how practical Europoliticians can be in addressing such radical disruption.

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The EU parliament is looking at how its 736 deputies and 6,000 staff should prepare for novelties such as Internet-politics, multilateralism and enhanced legal powers.

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