Dilbert’s unique take on the mini-tablet market

Humour aside, a “bad tablet and an even worse phone”? In my experience, an excellent tablet but probably not good as a phone. Much depends on what you want to use such a device for.

I have a Dell Streak (the original 5-incher) and I’m testing a Samsung Galaxy Note, about the same size as a Streak. Both devices are definitely not for primary use as a phone – you feel a real prat with one of these stuck to your ear – but neat as a tool for interacting with people on Twitter and social networks, doing email, etc. Does that fit with the manufacturers’ USP, I wonder.

Still, practical, desirable gadgets, useful depending on your purpose, but pricey. I suspect the niche in Pointy-Ears’ mind will remain outside the mainstream unless the right price point arrives.

Hasn’t happened yet. Wonder what MWC (http://www.mobileworldcongress.com/) next week will bring.

As usual, spot-on insight from Scott Adams. Link to original strip: http://www.dilbert.com/2012-02-23/

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