Daily Telegraph starts reader blogs

Today the Daily Telegraph newspaper launched My Telegraph, a free service that enables readers to set up their own blog.

An interesting move – a first by a national UK newspaper? – which is a good example of how a mainstream medium can use social media as a means of connecting its readership with the paper and vice versa. Maybe it will even develop where reader blogs become news sources for the paper. Look at Le Monde in France as an example.

I’ve signed up. I’ve not done that from any political leaning (the Telegraph traditionally is a Conservative paper) but to see how it works, and because it was dead easy to do. I’d do the same if The Guardian (traditionally a Labour newspaper) had such an offering.

More to come soon, according to Shane Richmond, the online Telegraph’s communities editor:

[...] The finished My Telegraph is just a piece of a larger site but I can’t tell you any more about that at the moment.

My Telegraph is just in time for plenty of political chit-chat in the coming months following today’s hot news across all media about Tony Blair’s resignation next month.

I bet we see a similar offering from another national newspaper soon.

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