Are you a PR darling?

PrdarlingsDuring last night’s PR Unspun event in London, I kept noticing business cards scattered on various tables at the venue.

The cards were promoting PR Darlings, a social networking service that describes itself as “Socialising for the PR Industry. Meet PR people, get industry news, find jobs, share photos and blogs.”

I rarely sign up for such things, but I have for this one. I just like the sheer irreverence:

[…] PR Darlings is about making new friends, learning about people’s lives outside of work, going for a kick about, not taking your job so seriously, telling funny stories, laughing, banter and expanding your circle. PR Darlings encourages you to put tongues in cheeks – yours, and if you fancy, someone else’s.

PR Darlings is not a place for ‘new client wins’, self-aggrandisement or company publicity. If your boss has suggested you develop a profile to “…learn about this Web 2.0 thing and publicise our latest blah blah,” do us a favour and DON’T DO IT. If your boss says, “Get on to PR Darlings to find yourself some nice people to have a drink with on Friday,” DO DO IT.

It’s that drink thing on a Friday that caught my attention. So if you fancy something like that, why not sign up as well? If you do, I’m there as “jangles.”

Yes, I do need to get out more…