Travelblogging India contest

If you live in India and you’re a blogger, there’s a contest running where you can win an opportunity to travel India and blog your experiences.

To enter OK, Tata, Bye Bye, as the contest is called, you register on the event website. Then, if you win, you’ll get Rs. 50,000 (about €870 or $1,100) and will have to complete a pre-determined itinerary visiting seven destinations during 15 days.

To do your blogging as you travel – and it looks like India has plenty of wi-fi hotspots to connect to - you’ll get everything you need:

[...] The winner will be given a laptop with an Internet connection and a digital camera to document his/her experiences along the way – what they see, who they meet, where they are and more. The winner will have to constantly provide updates on his/her journey.

Hard to find info on the site as to when the contest is on (it appears to be now) or who the organizer is (the terms and conditions mention a company called is it this based in the US?).

Still, it looks like a great opportunity to see India, blog your experiences and get really noticed. All for free.

(Via Vulturo)

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